Transport of refrigerated goods


The road transport of temperature-sensitive cargo – such as food or pharmaceuticals – requires increased awareness from drivers and others involved in the transportation. Failure to maintain the cold chain may lead to deterioration of goods, consequently to significant material damage. The two most common problems are failure of the truck refrigeration unit and unjustified opening of the cargo door, which may result –depending on weather- rapid change in cargo hold temperature, thus damage to transported goods. Such damage may cause huge losses to transport companies.

Carriers can maintain the climate required for the transportation of refrigerated and frozen goods with telematic solutions such as temperature control unit in the cargo hold or systems monitoring the opening of cargo door. These continuously monitor the temperatures in the cargo hold and various cargo compartments and the cargo door status, and record the measured values every 15 seconds. The driver and dispatcher are immediately notified of changes in cargo hold temperature or of door opening, so that damage to the cargo is avoidable.

Optimal temperatures differ by product type, therefore the device enables tracking various cooling values per compartment.

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