Transport of high value goods


Would you like to maintain the safety of your valuable goods during transportation? How about guaranteeing the requirements of secure transportation to your partners? Telematics security technology solutions such as vehicle tracking, cargo door monitoring or panic alarm help prevent the majority of material damages.

Tracking the cargo realtime allows for immediate detection of problems arising throughout the transport fulfilment. In case of vehicle theft, the GPS data show the current vehicle position, which can provide quick assistance to police to locate the stolen truck with the load. The WebEye system also enables you to pre-plan the route of consignments, and lets transport planners receive automatic system alarm in case of deviation thereof. To avoid cargo theft, a practice carriers commonly apply is let trucks transporting valuable goods drive in an escorted convoy and spend compulsory rest periods only in guarded parking areas. Dispatchers may even record guarded parking areas in the system in advance, which then immediately alarms the concerned parties as soon as the vehicle leaves these points.

Further common crime against trucks carrying valuable goods is when thieves break into the cargo hold to steal the cargo during rest periods. Services that send immediate alarm in case of cargo door opening, damage to the tarpaulin or other intrusion are aimed to prevent this, so that driver and shipper can notice the incident right away, and seek help in time, optimally even inhibit cargo theft.

A panic button in the driver cabinin, which triggers immediate silent alarm in the system in case of suddenly arising dangers or problems, is a prerequisite of transporting valuable goods.

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