Driving time monitoring


Companies engaged in European road transport often face difficulties complying with regulations on driving times and rest periods, and on the obligatory use of digital tachographs. WebEye’s eTACHOGRAPH application helps carriers adhere to these provisions, thereby avoid steep fines and significantly reduce their administrative burdens as well as their fuel costs.

eTACHOGRAPH’s eControl function provides real-time information on the driver’s remaining driving time and rest period. Also, it sends immediate alarm to the centre if the allowed driving time is exceeded, thereby preventing fines imposed by authorities and accidents due to excess driving times. The eControl function also helps with transport task planning, so carriers can avoid late transport fulfilment due to miscalculated transit times. Late delivery is an even more delicate problem in the transport of perishables, which may result financial loss or harm the reputation of the transport company.

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