Driving style analysis


Domestic transport companies are increasingly challenged to hire drivers having adequate skills and further develop the competence of their existing drivers. Diverse transport tasks, varied cargo types and road conditions require different driving techniques, therefore it has become essential for today’s drivers in road transport to demonstrate up-to-date skills that enable them to drive trucks of various types and ages, therefore requiring different driving styles.

Our experts suggest that acquiring the right driving style, carriers can significantly reduce extra costs associated with the improper use of vehicles, reach 5-12% cutbacks in fuel costs, prolong the lifetime of the trucks in their use, as well as lower the vehicle maintenance costs by 15-20% on average.

WebEye’s driving style analysis solution provides transport companies with detailed evaluation of major factors characterizing the driving style of their employees: throttle position, cruise control (Tempomat) and retarder usage, number and duration of intensive braking instances, revolution selection, torque distribution, and coasting with own weight.
The system allows carriers to gain up-to-date information in which areas the driver’s skills needs reinforcement, while management can track drivers’ progress and check the efficiency of trainings.

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