Fuel measurement services Vissza

Fuel flow measurement

Measurement of the used fuel quantity with the flow meter equipment installed in the vehicle’s fuel supply system. This solution provides the most accurate information about the fuel the engine uses. Its use is recommended where stating the fuel costs requires a high level of accuracy.

Fuel measurement with Can-Bus connection

Fuel measurement is available with connection to the vehicle’s CAN-BUS system. This solution lets you monitor changes in fuel level and fuel flow through the vehicle’s internal IT system. WebEye can read both values, calculate average consumption and forward the data to users. The retrieved data are mediated information.

Technical requirements: Installation of CAN-BUS reader is required

Fuel tank measurement with level measurement

Measure the fuel level of your vehicles even more accurately with a probe installed in the tank!

The solution continuously measures the vehicle’s fuel consumption in relation to the driven distance and elapsed time.

Technical requirements: Installation of a capacitive probe is required.

Fuel tank measurement with level measurement (with quality)

Measure the consumption data of your vehicles with almost full accuracy [1], along with the quality and temperature of refuelled fuel with WebEye’s capacitive probes!

Reliable and consistent information enable you to map potential fuel consumption and quality problems, thereby reduce costs significantly!

Advantages of a capacitive probe:

  • up to 15% more accurate measurement compared to CAN-BUS data
  • Data independent from the vehicle’s factory system
  • Allows for current and average consumption measurement
  • Permanent solution, no erosion
  • Precise and reliable fuel control
  • Local alarms available (in case of fuel removal, or refuelling poor quality fuel)

Fuel quality and temperature analysis is available only with premium category capacitive probe

[1] Parked position, for the full tank