DrivingStyle Vissza

Reduce your maintenance and fuel consumption costs by mastering the right driving style!

Our DrivingStyle service enables the analysis of drivers’ driving habits and make costs that arise due to improper use of the vehicle transparent. The application provides accurate information on the driver’s activity by analysing parameters that clearly indicates unprofessional driving. Proper driving style helps reduce fuel consumption, avoid excess servicing and premature wear of parts, thereby, it extends the lifespan of vehicles.

The system evaluates drivers based on pre-defined weighting criteria, and their driving style can be developed in a tailored manner. Conscious training helps significantly reduce maintenance fees and excessive fuel consumption resulting from improper use of the vehicles. DrvingStyle provides transparent management information concerning the whole fleet based on five-week trends, and ranks drivers’ performance with the help of a score system based on individual evaluation. In hold of the acquired driving data, the user can state which drivers need further training, track the improvement each driver has made and the efficiency of driving trainings.

We completed the authentication of our driving style solution with the cooperation of a major European car manufacturer.

The system analyses and displays the following information:

  • Driven distance
  • Driven time
  • Average speed
  • Average consumption
  • Idling percentage and time
  • Coasting percentage and time
  • Retarder usage weighted with intensity
  • Duration of intensive braking
  • Percentage and time of cruise control (Tempomat) usage
  • Over-revving percentage and time
  • Number of full throttle instances
  • Braking time
  • Speeding
  • Vehicle utilization

Technical requirements:

Connection to the CAN-network and digital tachograph in the vehicle.