Transport of goods within the EU

For transport companies in international shipping fulfilling complex client requirements

The core challenge of international transport of goods is the timely delivery of the consignment in the most efficient manner at the lowest possible costs.

Our communication solution enables you to easily forward the transport order-related information to drivers, who can send logged report on their activities to the centre. Communication among drivers is also available, as well as drivers staying in touch with family during long international duty.

We offer two ways of fuel consumption measurement; fuel level measurement and calculation of average fuel consumption to help our clients with cost-efficient resource management.

Information retrieved from the digital tachograph allows you to track drivers’ driving times and rest periods real time, so that you can instantly see when the driver is ready for the next shift.

If you use a transportation management system, thanks to the two-way integration, we can accomplish high quality planning-management and administrative procedures in line with your unique needs and work processes.

Our international service network allows you to contact our customer service in 14 countries across Europe.