Domestic distribution

For operators of domestic transportation, distibutors and companies with frequent administration duties related to paying customer visits:

Our application will help you easily choose the vehicle ensuring the most efficient order fulfillment, so that you can live up to clients’ increasingly strict collection and delivery time requirements (KPI).

You can continuously track movements of your fleet in the online system, recieve real-time information of vehicles activities, monitor kilometre use, thereby, reduce your costs drastically.

Fuel usage statistics and records of costs arising from transport orders help create efficient management procedures.

WebEye enables quick trip settlement, supporting your achievement of a higher fleet utilization rate.

Our solution empowers you to meet complex client requirements such as strict food safety regulations (HACCP) during the transport of refrigerated goods, or TAPA TSR (Truck Security Requirement) prescribing the protection of valuable goods. Unless these requirements are fulfilled, major freight forwarders of the market cannot consider carriers suitable for transport tasks.