What kind of service do you need?
  • Domestic
  • Within the EU
  • Outside the EU
What kind of vehicle do you need it for?
  • Semi-trailer
  • Truck
  • Light commercial vehicle
  • Trailer
  • Machinery
From the services below what would you be interested in?
  • Fuel measurement
  • Communication solutions
  • Driving hours monitoring
  • Remote download of tachograph data
  • Driving style analysis
  • Cargo monitoring
  • Vehicle Tracking
Do you work in one of these special segments?
  • Refrigerated goods
  • High value goods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Transporting livestock
  • None of these
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Construction industry
  • Mining
  • None of these

The following solutions are recommended for you

  • EUn-beluli-aruszallitas

    Transport of goods within the EU

  • eu-n-kivuli-aruszallitas

    Non-EU transport of goods

  • belfoldi-aruszallitas

    Domestic transport of goods

  • belfoldi-gyujto-terito

    Domestic distribution

  • kistehergepjarmuvek

    Light commercial vehicle

  • munkagepek


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