On the Innovation Day of Webeye the key managers of the market actors gazed into the crystal ball of logistics.

Instant availability, digitisation and cargo security. It is only by focusing on these keywords that the domestic logistic sector is able to keep pace with the international trends and the increasing demand – as turned out in the first Innovation Day of WebEye. Key representatives of the logistic industry and partners of the telematic company WebEye shared their insights with one another about the future of the industry and the new technological solutions of their companies in the headquarters of the company in Fót. The aim of WebEye is to create a tradition within the sector by the joint professional exchange of ideas.

 The consumers of our time feel comfortably if the object or service of their desire is close and accessible, and they can also get it with the least amount of effort, at the lowest price and as quickly as possible. „In the world of the Internet the prices of goods and services became comparable, which intensified market competition in goods transport as well. We believe that the key to the growth of the logistic sector is digitisation; in the future we can only meet the expectations from the customer side by digital tools, state-of-the-art solutions”– said dr. Árpád Vásárhelyi, managing director of Schenker Kft. in the opening speech of the Innovation Day.

As part of the Innovation Day, representatives of the trade could also hear about such futureproofing solutions as the on-line CMR system: thanks to a mobile application, a photo version of the original delivery note could be received by the partner forwarding company almost immediately, in a few minutes after delivery was made.  The company Do-Q-Ment could supplement this by an authentication solution that is legally valid as well, thus the item becomes billable immediately. „Using this fast and cost-effective solution, it becomes possible to record not only important documents, but also the fact that the goods have been delivered undamaged, on official, time-stamped photos, which enables the elimination of several disputed points from the delivery process.” – Ágoston Hortobágyi, managing director of Do-Q-Ment Kft.

In addition to reducing delivery-related disputes, it is important that the goods are delivered safely and without damage, to their destination. Related to that, WebEye offers such cargo security solutions to its partners that will immediately alert the center if the door of the cargo compartment is open, the tarpaulin is cut up or there is any other intrusion. This enables both the driver and the client to detect the problem immediately, and they can ask for help in time, which could even mean preventing the theft of the cargo. The panic button placed in the driver’s compartment will generate a silent alarm in a suddenly occurring emergency or problem, which the system will immediately forward to the security services.

Digital tools make these security functions available not only for drivers, but also for dispatcher centers. This means, for example, that it is possible to follow the route of a shipment from the moment of loading through the process of goods transport all the way to the end of unloading, online and in real time. Any mistakes made in loading, damages, external actions can be recorded by an HD camera and later on they can be used as authentic sources in a proof procedure.

„The logistic industry is very versatile with many players, where the offered services are built on one another in many cases. As the telematics company with the highest European coverage, we consider it important to have the actors of this industry regard each other not only as competitors, but also as partners on matters that fundamentally determine our future” said Zoltán Benedek, commercial director of WebEye Hungary in his closing speech for the first Innovation Day.