Highwaymen in the present

Number of cargo crimes has increased significant in the region

Bandits and looting gangs – it would be a mistake to think that they have only threatened drivers to steal valuable goods in the past: at the regional level, more than 2600 vehicles were involved in freight road transport cargo crimes  and 50 crimes were registeredin 2016, where the crime scene was a truck or a vehicle. In case of freight companies, GPS based vehicle tracking is now a standard defence against such crimes, but this can be supplemented with other IT solutions, as well.

There has been an alarming rise in the number of cargo crimes in the European, Middle East and African regions last year. According to TAPA 2016’s data (international association who are registrating these kind of incidents), 72 per cent up damages registered over 2015’s numbers. The United Kingdom reported the highest number of cargo crimes, 1188 in fact. More than 68 000 € was the value of the average loss in 2016 for a cargo theft. However, the biggest single loss has reported over an Italian truck driver last year, who had been kidnapped by an armoured vehicle. The loss of this incident was 4 million EUR by stealing jewelleries.

In order to minimize losses, prevent and detect criminal offenses, operators of international and domestic carriers are more frequently using telematics solutions to protect their consignments. Thanks to the continuous tracking of the cargo, the dispatcher can immediately see when the vehicle leaves the designated route or if the driver exceeds the waiting time, which may be the cause of a robbery attempt.

“In cargo freight transport, the cargo protection is important regardless of sectors; almost any type of good may be the victim of thieves. Largest carrier companies have already recognized the importance of GPS-based cargo protection, as the dispatcher can focus on the high-value goods in real-time, and can interfere in case of any unusual event. “said  Károly Deszpot, the Managing Director of WebEye  Hungary.

Considering the closure of the investigations in Hungary, 101 crimes had been reported in 2015, where the crime’s scene was a truck or a lorry. In 2016, the Hungarian police have recorded 50 numbers of these kinds of incidents.

TAPA, international organization against cargo thefts TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) is the most prestigious professional organization fighting against crimes that are targeting high-value goods on the roads. According to its 2016 annual report, more than 2600 cargo thefts were reported from Europe, the Middle East and Africa regions. According to TAPA’s latest report, in May alone, more than 6 million EUR loss occurred during road transport.As 73% of the crimes occurred in unguarded parking areas, one of the main objectives of the organization is to increase the number of guarded parking lots.Members of the organization are for example Waberer’s, DHL, FedEx.