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Hauliers, Austrians are now applying penalties!

Telematics innovations may decrease the growing administration liabilities

It seems, this is the end of the grace period. The Austrian authorities may strictly punishes the regional transport companies for tens of thousands of euros, if they don’t follow the new freight transport regulations entered into force on 1st January. From this year, regional transport companies carrying goods or passengers in two-way transport with loading/unloading in Austria have to pre-register the driver before entering the country to the Austrian authorities, and they must pay the Austrian minimum wage for the driver for the performing period. 65% of regional carriers may be affected by the strict regulation based on WebEye’s market information. There are 2 ways for businesses to reduce the strains: either of extending their workforce or using supporting solutions to fasten their workflow.


The most important element of the regulations is that before performing the first transport operation in Austria, the employer must fill in and submit the appropriate electronic form on Austrian Ministry of Finance’s (Bundesministerium für Finanzen) internet site. Who omits this announcements can be fined for 20 000 EUR for the first time, and 50 000 EUR for each additional times, counted after each employee. It is easy to run into penalties even with small gaps based on WebEye’s, the Hungarian-owned telematics company’s partner information.

In the last few years there has been significant increasment of administration liabilities among regional freight hauliers. These regulations considerably increased the workload of the companies so they were forced to adapt to the new conditions: they could either extend their workforce, or optimize their work processes by using supporting solutions and systems to accelerate their workflow.

Today, most of the companies use some kind of transportation organizer module in the transportation industry; however, accounting, communications, and administration applications are not widespread. By using these methods, businesses can save a lot of time both in the daily sessions and in periodic settlements, which indirectly contribute to increase the competitiveness of companies. We urge the hauliers and freight companies to discover these supporting solutions which are now available on the market, for example to facilitate the Austrian minimum wage settlements “- said Pál Németh, CEO of WebEye Telematics Group.

Another important point of control that the hauliers have to pay the Austrian minimum wage to the driver as a daily fee for the period spent on Austrian territory. A modern telematics system can provide exact information to the companies about the vehicles’s location and its exact action in minutes. “The follow-up report required for settlement is created on the basis of tachograph data. It automatically measures the total driving time, which clearly shows how much money should be paid for the driver at the end of the month ” – Pál Németh said.

Austria is not the first country, who forces the foreign transport companies to pay the minimum wage based on the performing time in their area; Germany, France and Italy are already introduced similar actions.