GDPR information letter to customers

Dear Customers,

The WebEye Telematics Zrt. lately has been analyzing its processes, activities and all the services provided to the customers regarding the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with the help of an external expert. The first important phase of this overall examination has just been finished.

During the analysis we paid special attention to the WebEye Service that we provide to our Customers.

Analyzing both the GDPR and the provided WebEye Services we came to the following conclusions:

  • During the usage of the WebEye Service, the following personal data are/might be submitted to WebEye system:
    • personal data of the driver
    • route data of the vehicles
  • Upon the GDPR our Subscribers are data Controllers regarding the above mentioned personal data.
  • The local WebEye Service Provider – under the conditions of the subscription contract – acts as the data Processor considering the personal data submitted to the WebEye system by our Customers.
  • The local WebEye Service Provider is the data Controller of the contact persons’ and representatives’ data provided during the contractual relationship.

As per the local WebEye Service Provider is the data Processor, we need to comply with the GDPR requirements regarding our activities as processor. Considering that our Customers are data Controllers, Customers need to comply with the GDPR requirements of their data controlling activities, to which WebEye would like to provide all the help our Customers need.

WebEye Telematics Group’s goal is:

  1. to ensure that during our data processing activities our high data security standards applied according to the requirements of the GDPR can be performed towards all of our customers in the same manner;
  2. to support our Customers to prepare their data protection related internal policies and procedures more easily.

For this purpose we are going to provide the followings to our Customers:

  • the contractual content of our data processing agreement as required by GDPR,
  • all the information that we as Data Processors can provide to help our Customers’ regulatory and informational obligations regarding their data Controller activities,
  • our practical advice, recommendations and suggestions useful for the fulfillment of the GDPR requirements.

With our advice, recommendations and professional opinion regarding the WebEye Service, we would like to assist our Customers in meeting the requirements of GDPR, as Data Controller, on the highest level.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

WebEye Telematics Zrt.