• 57.710 active units
  • 2.462.188.048 * kilometers driven
  • 12.302.350 * liters of fuel saved

*Data collected since 1st January, 2015

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The WebEye service helps you report your Hungarian toll road use simply and reduce your operating costs at the same time!


Galileo changes the future of navigation

The GALILEO European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) has lived up to the expectations in the first year of its operation. Despite the fact that the project will only be finished in 2020, satellites above the continent broadcast a stronger sign than their Russian or US counterparts...


Highwaymen in the present

Bandits and looting gangs - it would be a mistake to think that they have only threatened drivers to steal valuable goods in the past: at the regional level, more than 2600 vehicles were involved in freight road transport cargo crimes and 50 crimes were registeredin 2016, where the crime scene...


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