• 53.543 active units
  • 2.461.347.288 * kilometers driven
  • 12.300.248 * liters of fuel saved

*Data collected since 1st January, 2015

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The WebEye service helps you report your Hungarian toll road use simply and reduce your operating costs at the same time!


The future of logistics: automation brings speed and safety

Self-driving trucks, automated warehouses, vehicle tracking, drones – these aren’t buzzwords from the latest Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster, but the logistics solutions of the future, and the spread of these technologies could made domestic goods transportation much more effective, safer and quick...


Hauliers, Austrians are now applying penalties!

It seems, this is the end of the grace period. The Austrian authorities may strictly punishes the regional transport companies for tens of thousands of euros, if they don’t follow the new freight transport regulations entered into force on 1st January. From this year, regional transport companies...


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